Upcoming Events 2018

The Mark of the Maker: A two point perspective from a printer and a potter

Date: April 13th and 14th 5:30-7:30pm, April 27th and 28th 5:00-7:00pm

Location: Bishop Brossart High School

Details: Printmaker, Joline Costello Hartig. and I both graduated from BBHS and are helping to create a continuing art show series with other graduate artists.  Taking the lead and curator of the program is Camp Springs local talent, Mike Enzweiler, former art teacher of BBHS.  He has transformed one of the rooms next to the library into a beautiful gallery space.  My work will be on display in the trophy cases in the hallway.  Joline's work will be in the new gallery space.  Her work is beautiful, black and white, abstract, and landscape inspired.  It's such a nice showing of work and I really hope to see you out one of the four days Joline and I will be there.



Market Bleu
Date: April 21st
Time: 6:00-10:00pm

Location: Contemporary Art Center, 44 E 6th St, Cincinnati, OH 45202



Clay Alliance Spring Pottery Fair

Date: May 5th


Location: East Walnut Hills

Details: I believe this year will be my 7th year participating in the Clay Alliance Spring Pottery Fair in East Walnut Hills.  This show is always a favorite of mine because, what can I say - IT'S ALL CLAY - of course I'm going to love it!  It’s not only all clay, but it’s the best of the best ceramic artists in the Ohio Valley region. It is so fun to see just how much can be made with clay. This year’s Spring Fair takes place in a new location, yet it is super close to where we have been in past years. We’ll be in the large parking lot one block West of the intersection of Madison Rd. and Woodburn Ave. Free parking is available right next to the fair.   



Crafty Supermarket

Date: May 12th

Time: 11:-00am-6:00pm

Location: Cincinnati Music Hall,


Spring Pottery Show, Queen City Clay, Cincinnati, OH

Date: May 12th

Time: 10:-00pm-5:00pm

Location: 3130 Wasson Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45209