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Upcoming Events 2023

Presentation at the National Conference on Education of the Ceramic Arts (NCECA)
Small-scale Production in the Restaurant Industry


Date: March 15th, 2:00-3:00 Conference registration required

Location: Junior Ballroom B, Cincinnati Convention Center


As trends and shifting societal priorities have encouraged more mainstream use and purchasing of artisan-crafted items, appreciation for the expression of values and aesthetics that handmade dinnerware creates has also been popular in the restaurant industry. Christie and Bethany have a combined 20+ years of experience working with chefs and owners to create a unique atmosphere in their restaurants.  Their small scale studios have worked with two dozen restaurants across the country.  We will discuss relationships between chefs/owners, the process and techniques used in production pottery, involvement in community pottery studios and home studio setups, the different pathways of getting into the restaurant industry, shipping and handling large quantities of work, balancing restaurant work and other work, how to make a living as a production potter, hiring production assistants, how the past several years affected the restaurant industry, where we go from here, and more.


Reignited: New works by two Cincinnati-area culinary ceramicists

Date: March 13th-18th

Shop Hours:

Tuesday, March 14: 11am–7pm
Wednesday, March 15:  10am–7pm
Thursday, March 16:  11am–7pm
Friday, March 17:  11am–9pm
Saturday, March 18:  11am–7pm


Reception: March 17th, 5:00-9:00pm

Location: Mica 12/v  
1201 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202 USA 



Long represented by MiCA 12/v – an independent gallery and gift boutique family-run in Cincinnati for 20 years specializing in local art, fine craft and design-based gifts – Bethany Kramer (Bethany Rose Pottery) and Christie Goodfellow (CGCERAMICS) have recently been exploring shifts in the realms of “production” versus “studio” pottery in their work. 

Both potters have gained regional recognition by making tableware for several top-rated restaurants with farm-to-table and slow food philosophies. As Cincinnati’s resurgent and notable food scene screeched to a halt along with the world’s restaurants during covid, Bethany and Christie experienced increased demand from individuals making home cooking a larger part of their lives. Smaller scale commissions and time alone allowed both to experiment more with their creative process through explorations in form, texture and function. “Reignited” will highlight current pieces by the artists as increasing parts of their practice transition to smaller batch and one-of-a-kind studio pottery processes. Their featured collections nod to this year’s NCECA theme, Current, by including dreamy waterscape serving pieces by Bethany and timeless lighting by Christie.

Bethany’s tableware can be found locally at Salazar, Mita’s, Nada and The Baker’s Table. Christie’s pottery can be found locally at Khora, Iris Read, Proudhound and Brown Bear Bakery.


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