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As a ceramic artist I am always trying new techniques to continually span my knowledge of clay as a material.  I make functional stoneware pottery as well as sculptural work that I wheel throw and alter.  Throughout the creating process I try to bring out the natural and earthy qualities found in clay.  Starting with a solid structure or foundation I let the surface take on its own life through the use different tools, glazes, and the firing.

Bethany Kramer

Bethany Kramer, ceramic artist, teacher, and owner of Bethany Rose Pottery LLC, lives in Melbourne, Kentucky.  She received her BFA from Northern Kentucky University in 2007, concentrating in ceramics.  She has displayed her work in several local gallery shows, and has exhibited her work in even more local, well respected art fairs like the Hyde Park Art Show and The Clay Alliance Spring Pottery Fair in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Art in the Park in Bellevue, Kentucky, where she was awarded 1st Place for Fine Craft in 2018 and 2015 and Honorable mention in 2017.  Bethany Rose Pottery was published in the arts and cultural magazine, Polly, in 2016.  In the summer of 2015, she was in the international magazine, Where Women Create, published by Stampington and Company.  Bethany continually collaborates with local chefs, creative designers, photographers, and other artists to expand on her work.  Some of this work can be experienced at several locations in Cincinnati, Ohio, including the well acclaimed Salazar’s in Over the Rhine, Mita’s (also created by chef/owner Jose Salazar) Nada, and Baker's Table in Newport, KY.  Not only can you eat off one of her taco plates at the Nada in Indianapolis, but you can see some of her unique glaze work on the facing brick throughout different areas of the restaurant.   Her collaboration with different chef/owners led her to work with the Brimstone Restaurant Group which owns several restaurants around Miami, FL.  While developing her line of restaurant work, individual place settings, and one of a kind serving wares, Bethany devoted over 12 years to Queen City Clay, a large ceramic studio in Cincinnati, Ohio.  She helped to manage the studio, coordinate workshops and events, and taught all levels of handbuilding and wheelthrowing including her specialty Food and Pots class.


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