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10.5"x5.5"x.5" The first image is the plate that is available. 

You may have seen a similar plate to this if you have ever dined at Nada in Cincinnati, Columbus or Indianapolis. You can now have one in your own home! Great for not only tacos, but for serving a multitude of items.Stoneware ceramics reduction fired to cone 10. Each taco plate is glazed with the same three glazes but each one will have some variety as shown in the images.  Your purchased tray will look very similar to the example tray pictured.

"Taco Plate" Serving Tray / Lunch Plate

  • Each piece of pottery is handmade and glazed by hand which makes it perfectly unique.  There will be slight differences in size, shape, and color with each piece.  


    Care for handmade stoneware pottery:
    Your piece of stoneware pottery is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. Uneven heating or sudden, severe temperature changes can create tension within the molecular structure of the clay piece, which can lead to cracking. In order to avoid this, never use your pottery over direct heat, such as a flame or a burner. Introduce temperature changes gradually. For example, if you’re going to use your pottery in the oven, don’t preheat the oven. Place your pottery in a cool oven and let them come up to temperature together. If you're going to be pouring boiling water for tea into your cup or mug, it's a good idea to pre-warm the cup with some warm/hot tap water first.

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